Our Service

We provide fully-Integrated Third Party Logistics with standard including fast-track Transportation, Cross Dock warehouse with functional design for convenient merchandises allocation, standardized 24-hours warehouse rental service as well as parcel pickup and delivery service at 7-11 convenient stores nationwide. These are to ensure the highest satisfaction of clients are our achievement while also to create value-added through our services. 


Fast delivery

We provide the wide range of logistics service for diversified merchandise with the different types of transportations such as 4 wheels, 6 wheels, 10 wheels and 18 wheels. All vehicles are registered with automatically temperature controller technology to chill the products at 1 to 6 degrees celsius and keep as frozen products with the maximum temperature at 15 degrees celsius. In addition, the GPS technology also featured to ensure the merchandises are well deliver to customers effectively.


Merchandises center and distribution hub


Distribution points to serve production suppliers which allows retailers or individual customers to allocate their merchandise conveniently and quickly.

We are ready to be a distribution service provider.



Warehouse Management System (WMF) to provide merchandise security and systematically including expiration and production date management, categorizing management by factories and etc. Customers can confident that our service reach their highest satisfaction.      


Parcel pickup service at 7-11

Parcel pickup and delivery at 7-11 nationwide, Thailand’s leading convenient store, and online service at www.deliveryhappinessbyatall.com.

We guarantee products pickup within 24hours, customers can rest assure the convenience near to your home.     


We are welcome to serve and gear up our business together with our over 10 years experience with leading brands such as CP, CP All, etc.